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Health Services

The Mission for Phenix City Schools' Health Services department is to provide quality health services and education to our students so that optimal learning may occur.  Health Services plays a comprehensive role within the school setting - to support the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of students and their success in the learning process (from the National Association of School Nurses).  Our Health Services department's main goal is to provide quality comprehensive nursing care to our students.  School nurses assist in providing health care to our students, parents, and faculty.

Phenix City Schools has 9 school nurses assigned to the following schools and is led by Nurse Cindy Woodall.  

  • Nurse Cindy Howard, RN - Central High School & Central Freshman Academy
  • Nurse Cindy Woodall, RN - South Girard School & Meadowlane Elementary
  • Nurse Stephanie Johnson, LPN - Phenix City Intermediate
  • Nurse Kelli Leak, RN - Lakewood Elementary School
  • Nurse Andrea Johnson, LPN - Lakewood Primary School
  • Nurse Tammy Simmons, LPN - Phenix City Elementary School
  • Nurse China Williams, RN - Ridgecrest Elementary School
  • Nurse Annie Wood, LPN & Nurse Rhonda Robinson, LPN- Sherwood Elementary School
  • Nurse Shay Pickett, LPN - Westview Elementary School & Phenix City Early Learning Center




Dr. Brindlea W. Griffin
Director of Child Nutrition and Health Services

Cindy Woodall, RN
Lead School Nurse












Important Links for Keeping All of Our School Children Healthy

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Food Allergy Research & Education

National Vaccine Information Center

Alabama Department of Public Health

United States Department of Agriculture

United States Food and Drug Administration

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Asthma

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Parasites - Lice

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Diabetes in School

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Hygiene Fast Facts

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Hygiene-related Disease


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